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Posted by David Casher on

Hi Everyone,

First off I would like to wish all of the Mother's out there a Great Mother's Day tomorrow!  For you guys, don't forget the Moms;)

So, I am cooking chili verde, which gives me time to think about stuff...and I ended up here!  Casherspbe is a coatings supplier as well as all of the other great products that we currently feature on our site.  You may not have known that if you had not yet signed up for an online account here at  As the saying goes, membership has its privileges, and that is true here as well.  With the right approval on your new account, you will be able to view a more extensive inventory of coatings and equipment.  Our featured paint line is from Axalta Coatings and we proudly sell and service their full line of Automotive, Fleet, Industrial, economy, and Aviation Finishes!  With an account, you will be included in periodic rewards offerings such as discounts on products and shipping.  I am sure that there will be other offerings as we think of them.  Have a great weekend!  Don't forget to sign up!