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Casher's Inc.'s 75th Anniversary!

Posted by David S. Casher on

I want to personally thank all of our customers and employees for supporting Casher's Inc.  This year we are 75 years old and still working hard to provide a great place to earn a living for our 20 employees and a great product and service for our loyal customers.  As we continue to roll out new upgrades and improvements, we will keep you posted in as many ways as we can.  Check out our new FaceBook page at, where we will be highlighting a combination of products, tools, proceedures, and most importantly, projects!  Both finished projects and works in progress.  Keep checking back for more updates.

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Hi Everyone,First off I would like to wish all of the Mother's out there a Great Mother's Day tomorrow!  For you guys, don't forget the Moms;)So, I am cooking chili verde, which gives me time to think about stuff...and I ended up here!  Casherspbe is a coatings supplier as well as all of the other [...]

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Social Media is Coming!

Hi Everyone!Just a quick note.  We are beginning our expansion into social media.  You can find us on FaceBook, (Casher's PBE Autobody Supply), and on Instagram at (casherspbe).  Remember to like and follow, it's just another way to stay connected and receive brief updates on what's happening at!  We will keep you posted with [...]

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Welcome to the New Bigger and Better!

I would like to offer a big Thank You to all of's loyal customers!  Your support of our fledgling website inspired us to keep going and drove our desire for improvement.  Casher's Inc. is a 74 year old third generation family business, so evolving into the electronic age has been a slow process.  However, being [...]

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