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Product Overview

This unit combines a Spray Gun Cleaner for solvent-based paints on one side (left) and a Spray Gun Cleaner for water borne paints on the other (right). The left side is equivalent to either a UG4000 or a UG4500 and the right side to a UM120W. The UG4500 is a UG4000 plus hose cleaning therefore the UG5500W is equivalent to a UG4500 on the left side.

The left (solvent) side has automatic wash, automatic air flush, automatic solvent rinse, automatic fume venting with on/off control, manual rinse with Flow-through Brush and a stainless steel tank and lid. Two spray guns can be cleaned at the same time and the UG5500W can also clean hoses on the left side. The UM120W side is used to manually clean and rinse one spray gun at a time. It also has a stainless tank and lid.

The unit comes with a closed-top high density plastic pail for washing already installed on the left side and and an open-top plastic pail with filters on the right side, also installed. The clean solvent pail for rinsing is not included and must be supplied by the user